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Save Money - Be Energy Efficient and Energy / Rebate Smart

There are two main costs related to your heating and cooling systems. One is the price you pay for your system or appliance and the second is the cost of the energy and maintenance of your system.

Basically the higher the efficiency the more you will save over time. Check with us to see if any of our manufacturers have any rebates or specials and also check PG&E’s rebate catalog to see how much extra you can save on your appliance.

PG&E Rebate Information


Another factor in saving ongoing energy costs is how well your home or office is insulated and weatherproofed. The money you invest today in energy-efficient weatherstripping and insulation will increase your buildings value and will save you money on your future energy bills.

TECH Incentives Program

This program provides incentives to California residents who invest in energy-efficient and clean technologies, efficient home comfort solutions, LED lighting upgrades, and more. The program helps to reduce energy costs and emissions, while also helping to create a cleaner environment. If you’d like to learn more about the Clean California Incentives TECH Benefits program, please visit the website (backlink) for more information. You can also reach out to the experts at California Heating to learn more about these programs and if you qualify. Here at California Heating, we know how important the environment is, so we thank you for your interest in this program and for helping to create a cleaner environment! Call us today to learn more!

Redwood Coast Rebates

There are a number of RCEA energy efficiency incentives, rebates, and programs to help you save energy and money. For homeowners, RCEA offers financial incentives to help offset the cost of energy-efficient improvements like insulation, air sealing, and energy efficient windows. For renters, RCEA offers free energy audits to help identify ways to save energy and money. Businesses can benefit from RCEA’s energy efficiency resources and incentives, such as free energy audits and rebates for equipment upgrades. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have, so give us a call today!

PG&E Rebates - Save energy, costs and time with rebates

If you’re looking to save energy, money, and time, then PG&E has the perfect solution for you! With their extensive selection of rebates, you can reduce your energy consumption while saving money in the process. PG&E’s rebates are designed to make energy-efficient upgrades easier and more accessible. From home efficiency upgrades to smart thermostat incentives, there are a variety of ways to save energy and money! To learn more about PG&E’s rebates and how you can benefit from them, visit their website or contact us at California Heating today to learn more!